The DTSA DAQ OFF is a 7 day cocktail event aimed at promoting sugarcane spirits, highlighting the Downtown Santa Ana craft cocktail community, and celebrating the beloved Daiquiri cocktail. The event is open to the general public. Our objective is simply to bring people together and to enjoy each others company with a Daiquiri in hand. 



June 24

  • The After Party
  • Join us at 6pm at Mission Control to close out the DAQ OFF and crown the winning bar
  • People with full punchcards will receive their free pin and vote
  • The party is open to everyone but only those who tried all the daiquiris will be able to vote 

June 18 - 23

  • Try every daiquiri at all 9 participating bars.
  • "DAQ OFF Punchcards" will be available at each participating bar. 
  • Complete a Punchcard and bring it to the After Party on Sunday, June 24th